Just as Nev and Max promised in Season 1's reunion special, it looks like the drama has been upped for Season 2 of MTV's Internet relationship identity-deceit show "Catfish."

The show is, of course, based on the Sundance flick of the same name that featured the TV show's star Nev Schulman in a relationship with a woman he met online who ended up not being everything she said she was.

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Check out the teaser for Season 2 below, which includes an 8 year relationship, an engaged couple, a man who shares his bank account info with the girlfriend he's never met his bank account info, and lots and lots of tears.  Nev and Max are out to get all these couples together, though at one point in the teaser Nev lets us know that one of the situations they encounter this season may make it difficult for him to sleep that night.