Ted Hope and Christine Vachon Ask: Who Has The Best Idea for Changing the Indie Film Industry?

Earlier this week, Ted Hope and Christine Vachon put a question to our readers: If you could change one truly changeable thing about the film industry, what would that be?

The person who gives their favorite answer will receive a free pass to their upcoming Killer/Hope Masterclass: Get Your Movie Made, Make It Well, Make It Great, Get It Seen & Survive to Do It All Over Again. (We'll announce the winner Monday.)

However, they're also giving a pass to the favorite answer as chosen by indieWIRE readers.

Of all the answers they received in the comments, they narrowed them to five: Nos. 2, 4, 7, 9 and 14. Read their full comments here.

We built a poll around them; that's available here.

The answer with the most votes receives a free pass to the masterclass.