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How Aaron Sorkin Injured Himself While Writing 'The Newsroom'

Photo of Alison Willmore By Alison Willmore | Indiewire June 21, 2012 at 12:41PM

Now we know that Sorkin gets into his signature wordy monologues as much as any of his characters.
John Russo/HBO
John Russo/HBO

This is a big week for Alison Pill -- not only is she starring in Woody Allen's latest, "To Rome With Love," opening in theaters tomorrow, she's also a major castmember of Aaron Sorkin's new series "The Newsroom," which premieres on HBO Sunday. When Indiewire's Jay A. Fernandez spoke to the Canadian actress for a fiesty interview you can read in full here, she offered up this tidbit about Sorkin's writing process and how he puts himself in the heads of his characters (to his own detriment, in this case):

I guess when he’s writing, he acts everything out himself, says all the voices and everything. And he jumped somewhere and busted his face on a mirror. It was crazy! We’re like, “Aaron, what happened to you?!” He’s like, “I was acting it out…” He was in his office, reading it… [can’t stop laughing] And so, if he’s that dedicated to his performance alone in his office, you have to be 100 times more dedicated on set.

And now we know that Sorkin gets into his signature wordy monologues as much as any of his characters.

Sorkin, executive producer Alan Poul and director Greg Mottola will appear in conversation at the Los Angeles Film Festival Friday night to discuss "The Newsroom" with moderator Madeleine Brand. Check out our review of the series here.

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