Adrian Pasdar in "Heroes."
NBC Adrian Pasdar in "Heroes."

Former 'Heroes' flying senator Adrian Pasdar will once again play a politician, though presumably without superpowers this time -- he's been cast to play President Paul Garcetti in USA's prestige bet "Political Animals," according to the Hollywood Reporter

Sigourney Weaver's the star of the series, playing the Hillary Clinton-esque Elaine Barrish, a divorced former first lady turned Secretary of State -- which would make Pasdar... Obama? "Described as a 'smart man,'" according to the Hollywood Reporter, "Garcetti uses every resource at his disposal to his advantage and deftly uses Elaine's popularity to deflect unwanted attention."

Executive producer Greg Berlanti wrote and will direct the first episode of the six-part series, which will premiere July 15th.

Pasdar joins fellow TV presidents Fitzgerald Grant, the philandering mess played by Tony Goldwyn on "Scandal" and the always unseen one on "Veep," which means he's already leading the pack in terms of current small-screen heads of state.