Michael R. Roskam's 'Bullhead'
Drafthouse Films Michael R. Roskam's 'Bullhead'

Now here's a promising trio: Michael R. Roskam, the Belgian filmmaker whose "Bullhead" was last year's wild card foreign language Oscar nominee, Michael Mann and "Breaking Bad" executive producer Mark Johnson have sold a pilot script to HBO, reports Deadline.

"Buda Bridge" is a crime story set in a near-future Brussels (where, one can only assume, all of the frites are now made by specially programmed androids), with a plot set in motion by the discovery of a dead one by the landmark of the title, "which leads to a series of violent crimes and strange science that bring mayhem to the dark capital of the European state." It's an intriguing sounding concept, one that seems in line with the unusual agricultural noir of Roskam's feature debut.

Johnson's coming off the current final season of "Breaking Bad," while Mann previously worked on the ill-fated "Luck" with David Milch at HBO. Mann's also got the David Frankham doc series "Witness" premiering at the premium network in November, a show that follows young combat photojournalists as they document conflicts in Mexico, Libya, Uganda and Brazil.