'Le Grand Journal'
'Le Grand Journal'

Though Gallic supernatural drama "The Returned" is currently earning plaudits on Sundance Channel, we don't get many other opportunities to see French television. The Canal+ Group aims to change that.

The Canal+ Group, owners of French premium channel Canal+ and other networks (not to mention StudioCanal), has announced plans to launch a set of 20 YouTube channels in December dedicated to flagship programming from its networks like nightly talk show "Le Grand Journal," "Le Before" and "Le Petit Journal," as well as topical channels centered on cinema, music and other themes.

In addition to providing a digital outlet for TV content, the Canal+ Group has also unveil plans to launch CanalFactory, for content created specifically for the web.

"This agreement with YouTube demonstrates our commitment to expanding the distribution of our content to video distribution platforms in order to have the widest possible reach to all those who love our programs, especially the younger audiences. YouTube is a unique space for expression and creation for both the current and future talent we want to support and bring to the public through a dedicated realm, CanalFactory," said Canal+'s Fabienne Fourquet.

Here's Eminem performing on "Le Grand Journal" last night: