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by Alison Willmore
May 29, 2013 6:41 PM
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Watch: A Clip From BBC America's Zombie Miniseries 'In the Flesh' Showcases the Rehabilitated Undead

"In the Flesh," the three-part British miniseries premiering in the U.S. on BBC America on Thursday June 6 at 10pm, is of the zombies-as-metaphors school of supernatural tales. It's set in a world in which the dead have come back to life and, after a traumatic start, have been rehabilitated, patched up, given medication in order to stop them from becoming "rabid" again, and reintegrated into society as victims of partially deceased syndrome (PDS).

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This doesn't always go easy, given the lingering memories of those rabid days, and many, including teenage main character Kieren (Luke Newberry), face prejudice when they attempt to return to (half) life in their small town. Directed by Jonny Campbell, the series was created and written by playwright Dominic Mitchell -- a second series has already been commissioned by the BBC. Check out a clip from "In the Flesh" below.

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  • Atrophiedculture | May 30, 2013 11:28 AMReply

    Zombie television? Perfect for right after I get done re-reading my Twilight.