Richard Kind in 'Downton Arby's'
Yahoo Richard Kind in 'Downton Arby's'

PBS's period hit "Downton Abbey" is almost too easy to mock. Julian Fellowes and Gareth Neame's high end upstairs-downstairs soap opera is immensely enjoyable , but it's so very serious and consistent in its tropes -- noble Bates, the eternal victim of injustice, Lady Sybil and her indifference to class divisions, Thomas and O'Brien, the ever-scheming villains.

It's the fond familiarity with those themes that makes "Downton Arby's," the spoof video below from Yahoo! Screen's comedy channel Sketchy, work, though its concept may be a little easy. Noted: Even dropped into a fast-food franchise, Lady Edith remains the equivalent of "Family Guy" punching bag Meg Griffin.