Toby Huss and Lee Pace in "Halt and Catch Fire" on AMC
Tina Rowden/AMC Toby Huss and Lee Pace in "Halt and Catch Fire"

While critics may have only got to screen as much as everyone else before "Halt and Catch Fire" premiered last Sunday, now you fine readers get the first look at the anticipated second episode of AMC's new drama. 

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Picking up right after the dreaded IBM meeting that closed the riveting premiere, "FUD" finds the dream team in crisis, fighting amongst themselves as to how build the PC to rival the existing model. The clip below shows the fire and ingenuity present in the premiere, with some added heat and urgency from Lee Pace and Mackenzie Davis.

Take a look for yourself, and check out the new episode this Sunday at 10pm, after the season finale of "Turn" at 9pm.