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'I Thought You'd Be Fatter': The Best Walter Moments From 'Fringe'

Photo of Alison Willmore By Alison Willmore | Indiewire March 19, 2012 at 11:49AM

The 'Fringe' team showcased their favorite 'Walterisms' at WonderCon this weekend.
John Noble, Jasika Nicole and Josh Jackson in 'Fringe'
Liane Hentscher/FOX John Noble, Jasika Nicole and Josh Jackson in 'Fringe'

It took a full season for J. J. Abrams's "Fringe" to reveal just how oddball it would become, but now it's letting the doppelgängers, shapeshifters, parallel universes and alternate timelines fly. One element was in place from the beginning, even as the rest of slowly found its voice -- John Noble's mad scientist Dr. Walter Bishop, who invariably got the best lines and injected humor and pathos into what's otherwise generally a straight-faced show.

Teasing the remainder of the fourth season at WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend, the "Fringe" team offered up this supercut of their favorite "Walterisms":

The series returns this Friday with eight more episodes. After that, its future is uncertain -- at least in this universe -- with executive producer Jeff Pinkner telling the crowd, “I think we’re 70/30 that the show is coming back. We’re inside of it and we’re very hopeful, but those odds may be skewered by our own aspirations.” They also confirmed that the season finale was conceived with the possibility it could also be a series finale.

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