The next Comedy Central roastee will be James Franco. The "Spring Breakers" star revealed that he's going to be the subject of the network's next celebrity roast special via his Instagram account last night, with somewhat less than an overwhelming degree of enthusiasm ("Be sure you check it out... they wanted me to tell you that, alright? Haha").

The network confirmed that the special will tape in Los Angeles in August and will be broadcast on Labor Day. The last Roast was of Roseanne Barr in August -- Franco offers a rather different but no less obvious target. Comedy Central has also acquired digital rights to the Franco-directed doc "Francophrenia," which will debut on the network's digital and VOD platforms after the airing of the Roast. The actor/director/performance artist/writer/grad student happily made fun of his own image in "This is the End." Check out his announcement below: