Making light of your own tumultuous life can be a strenuous process, but a gifted few are able to turn emotional pain into riotous humor. John Leguizamo makes a bid at joining them in his latest one-man show "Ghetto Klown," which will debut on HBO on March 22nd.

In the trailer below, Leguizamo chronicles his life story, from his rocky upbringing to his early days in acting to his attainment of big roles on hit TV shows and movies, all while demonstrating the emotional highs and lows that have to come to define his career. "Ghetto Klown" was taped last November at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark and marks the fifth time that one of Leguizamo's shows has been adapted as an HBO special, after the broadcast of "Mambo Mouth" (1991), "Spic-O-Rama" (1993), his Emmy-winning "Freak" (1998) and "Sexaholic... A Love Story" (2002). 

The show is produced by Rebel Productions, Insurgent Media and Silver Lining Entertainment and executive produced by Leguizamo, Fisher Stevens, Jeff Golenberg and Sam Maydew. Arnold Engelman, who produced the live show, also produces the HBO special. The Broadway production of “Ghetto Klown” was originally produced by WestBeth Entertainment, Daveed D. Frazier and Nelle Nugent. Check out the trailer below: