'The Story of The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling'
Logo 'The Story of The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling'

Logo, the formerly LGBT-centric network that a year ago today announced it was expanding its programming to more general lifestyle focus to reflect "gays and lesbians' increasing integration into mainstream culture today and their desire for shows that appeal to their multiple interests," has unveiled its spring doc lineup.

"WHAT!? Logo Documentaries" takes a somewhat different approach than, say, HBO's documentary programming -- the lineup below walks the line between docs and reality fare. "The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling," at least, premiered at Hot Docs and rounded the festival circuit ahead of this TV debut. Here's the list, descriptions courtesy of the network.

The Story of The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, March 19, 9PM ET/PT (World Premiere)
Directed by Brett Whitcomb

Body slams aren't just for male wrestlers! In 1986, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling rose to fame as the first television show featuring female wrestlers - and these ladies were feisty! Within a few years, GLOW become an international phenomenon, entertaining millions of viewers worldwide with its unique characters, elaborate costumes and engaging skits. This documentary follows the stories of several of the original GLOW wrestlers as they rose and fell. And fell. And fell. (90 minutes)

Why Men Cheat, March 26, 10PM ET/PT (U.S. Premiere)
Produced by Shaftesbury

Privilege, pride, and promiscuity, oh my! The evolution of male infidelity is explored in this new original documentary that proves love and sex are far from one and the same. It's a battle of nature versus nurture, as Logo explores how each leads to the lust that makes so many men risk so much for sex. (60 minutes)

Chasing Beauty, April 2, 9PM ET/PT (World Premiere)
Directed by Brent Huff

Is the price of beauty worth the bother? Take a rare glimpse into the dark world of modeling, where beauty is the currency and everyone wants a cut. Hear from photographers, stylists and casting agents inside the industry as well as the models, themselves. What does it take to be the shirtless guy in front of the Abercrombie & Fitch store or the hot new teenage model in town? Chasing Beauty proves it's not all glitz and glamour and sometimes the exposure isn't worth the emotional toll. (120 minutes)

I'm a Stripper, April 9, 10PM ET/PT (World Premiere)
Directed by Charlie David

An unfiltered look at a day in the life of male exotic dancers. Separated by geography, age, experience, skill set and whether dancing for men or women, these career dancers confront different challenges. The guys bare it all with this look inside their minds, homes and families, revealing the lengths to which professional strippers and first timers alike will go to make a living. (60 minutes)

The Long and Short of Body Hair, April 16, 10PM ET/PT (World Premiere)
Directed by Christopher Hines

Things are about to get really hairy. These days, the well groomed man is in high demand. From removing chest, arm, leg and back hair, to maintenance south of the border, the modern man has made untamed terrain a thing of the past. Get guy grooming tips from pros and hairy hunks like former UK rugby player and anti-bullying advocate Ben Cohen. More than just a trend, "manscaping" is an art form. (60 minutes)

I Think I'm An Animal, April 23, 10PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

Imagine feeling like you're the only person who feels that inside, you are a wolf. What if finding true love meant not only finding someone who you care for but who also has the same kindred animal spirit? I Think I'm An Animal reveals the world of people who feel they're an animal born in a human body. (60 minutes)