Mad Men thumb

Continuing the trend of enigmatic marketing art from last year's campaign, which featured a photo of Don Draper (Jon Hamm) looking at a window display containing two mannequins, the season six "Mad Men" key art released by AMC yesterday involves a drawing of the show's protagonist passing himself on a New York street. Don Draper, meet Dick Whitman? Or is that another past self?

The retro key art is the work of Brian Sanders, a 75-year-old illustrator who worked in the era in which the show is set. Of the "Mad Men" poster, he told the New York Times that "It’s a style we refer to over here in England as bubble and streak. I don’t work in that manner now, and I was surprised how quickly it came back, the ability to use it in that particular way."

The two-hour "Mad Men" premiere will air on AMC on Sunday, April 7th at 9pm.

Mad Men key art