Darren Boyd in 'Spy'
Hulu Darren Boyd in 'Spy'

On the heels of HBO's pilot order for an US remake of the UK series "Getting On" comes news that ABC is developing an American adaptation of another British comedy, the espionage spoof show "Spy."

According to Deadline, the broadcast network is close to a put pilot deal for a remake of the 2011 show, with the original's creator Simeon Goulden in talks to write the new version of the sitcom.

The original six-episode Sky series (which has been recommissioned for a second season) stars Darren Boyd as Tim Elliot, the divorced single father of a nine-year-old boy who quits his job as a junior sales assistant at a computer store only to end up accidentally getting recruited into the MI5, the UK's internal counter-intelligence agency.

The first season of "Spy" premiered in the US on and is currently available on Hulu -- you can watch the full first episode below, and the second season will premiere on the site in the fall. Any American remake, which would presumably involve the CIA, which seem destined to have shades of NBC's "Chuck," another bumbling unlikely spy series that happened to feature a computer store employee protagonist.