Mozilla Foundation
Mountain View, CA $100,000
To support Open(Art) a program to commission artists and technologists to collaborate in the creation and exhibition of artwork on the web. Open(Art), a joint venture between Mozilla and Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in New York City, is an invitational competition for teams of artists and technologists. Up to three teams will be provided with access to Eyebeam resources, a stipend, and six months to bring the commissioned work to a point where it can be exhibited online for public comment.

National Black Programming Consortium
New York, NY $50,000
To support the acquisition, packaging, and distribution of a curated film series about arts and culture in the African Diaspora. In its fourth year on public television, AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange, will reach national audiences through American Public Television syndication. The series is aired on 333 stations in 40 states. Traffic to the website averages 50,000 page views per month.

National Public Radio, Inc.
Washington, DC $40,000
To support the production and distribution of a multimedia arts project that explores Latin alternative music and culture. National Public Radio's Alt.Latino is a weekly, 30-minute multilingual podcast program, a website, and blog about Latino alternative along with traditional Latin American songs. Plans for the project include a radio program for NPR member stations, a 24/7 music channel, and live events.

National Public Radio, Inc.
Washington, DC $70,000
To support the website NPR Music. The website offers all genres of music and provides content to NPR and public radio member stations, including live performances, studio sessions, first listens to new albums, interviews, reviews, and blogs. The website receives 1.5 million page views per week and the NPR Music iPhone app gets more than 750,000 page views per week.

Newark Public Radio, Inc. (aka WBGO Jazz 88)
Newark, NJ $20,000
To support the production of JazzSet with Dee Dee Bridgewater, a weekly radio series of jazz concerts. Concerts are brought to the listening public from locations including the Monterey Jazz Festival, the Village Vanguard in New York, the Detroit Jazz Festival, and the Newport Jazz Festival. The series is aired on 97 NPR-affiliate stations in the United States, to global audiences through NPR Worldwide, and on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

Odysseus Group
New York City, NY $100,000
To support Power Poetry, a project geared towards youth writing and sharing their poems with each other. Based on To Be Heard, a film that tells the story of three Bronx high school students who change their lives through their own poetry, Power Poetry is a website that will encourage young people to express themselves through spoken and written words via texting. Outreach activities include partnerships with spoken word groups and community and youth organizations.

On the Boards
Seattle, WA $90,000
To support the production of evening -length performance films for online viewing. On the Boards plans to film, edit, produce, and present online 18 to 24 new films of contemporary performance works. The subscription-based On the Boards website has received more than 30,000 unique site visits and more than 8,000 people have created user accounts.

Oxford American Literary Project (aka The Oxford American)
Little Rock, AR $20,000
To support production of So Lost, a series of online video episodes and related outreach. The series is accessible through Oxford American Literary Project's website and YouTube and will allow the public to encounter the side roads, backrooms, cellars, and psyche of the modern South. So Lost currently reaches 25,000 unique visitors every month.

Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York, Inc. (aka The New York Philharmonic)
New York, NY $20,000
To support the production of national radio broadcasts of performances by the New York Philharmonic during its 2012-13 season. WFMT Radio Network distributes The New York Philharmonic This Week to 336 radio stations throughout the country. Visitors to the Philharmonic's website can listen to programs via audio streaming and can access material on the featured music and artists.

PRX, Inc.
Cambridge, MA $50,000
To support Public Radio Remix, a 24/7 channel on XM Radio, which is also available as an Internet stream, and to support expansion of the channel onto mobile platforms. To date, Public Radio Remix has aired more than 1,200 programs from independent radio producers including broadcasts from the Third Coast International Audio Festival, works from the Kitchen Sisters' archive, and contemporary pieces by Youth Radio and Radio Rookies.

Public Broadcasting Service
Arlington, VA $50,000
To support the development and creation of two mobile applications for PBSArts 2.0, a multi-year, multi-platform initiative. The first app, Art 101, will provide short video clips that teach skills or explain specific aspects of the arts to a general public. Several ideas are under consideration for the second app including PBSArts Local, a device powered by PBS stations guiding users to local arts experiences.

Public Radio International, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN $50,000
To support the production and distribution of Studio 360. The series of weekly arts and culture radio programs are designed to illuminate the role of the arts in society. Studio 360's host is journalist and novelist Kurt Andersen, who is joined through interviews and commentaries by on-air guests.

Public Radio International, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN $20,000
To support the production of The Global Hit segments on the weekday news and information radio program The World. The daily feature showcases world music for American audiences, offering listeners a unique perspective on other cultures through the medium of music. More than 300 U.S. stations air The World and the program's website draws more than 80,000 unique visitors each month.

Push Push Theater Company
Decatur, GA $75,000
To support the development of the process used to create, produce, market, and distribute the GRFX (graphics) Series, a cross-platform narrative film project. The GRFX Series is about the fictional firm Dresher's Publishing. The series will be designed to exist simultaneously on network television, DVD, and the web. PushPush will work with artists both here and abroad to produce each hour-long episode. The development process includes workshops, storyboarding, webisode production, and testing on various platforms.

Radio Diaries, Inc.
New York, NY $20,000
To support production of America's Lost Stories radio programs and companion website. The four new programs will be audio diaries and first-person documentaries that weave together home recordings, contemporary and archival interviews, and historical news audio. The website will bring each story to life with primary sources, interactive materials, and a discussion board.

Radio Foundation, Inc. (aka RadioArt)
New York, NY $10,000
To support the production for radio and audio media of James Joyce's Ulysses. Produced by Larry Josephson, The Complete Ulysses will be a reading of the entire novel by a company of actors including Alec Baldwin, John Lithgow, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Bob Dishy, along with Caraid O'Brien as Molly Bloom. In addition to airing on more than 250 public radio stations, distribution channels include Sirius/XM, satellite radio, Internet radio, iPhone, other smartphone apps, and on CD.

Red Hot Organization
New York, NY $80,000
To support Red Hot + Bach. This multi-media production will be devoted to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Components will include music recordings, video documentaries, and related content available online and on mobile devices. The mobile app will have geo-locating services to find a Bach concert in the user's region, a Bach trivia game, and the ability to do a Bach mashup.

Robert Morris University
Moon Township, PA $20,000
To support production and post-productions costs for Inheritors of Burden, a documentary film exploring the traditions of flamenco arts in the United States. The 90-minute film will include interviews with and performances by singers, guitarists, and dancers throughout the country. Once completed Inheritors of Burden is expected to run a year at film festivals nationwide and then be distributed to art houses and via television broadcast in the United States and Spain.

Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis
St. Louis, MO $30,000
To support the creation of the website Shake38. The Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis had invited community members to create work inspired by William Shakespeare within a 38-hour time frame with performances held around the city. Those events inspired the idea to create Shake38. In partnership with other theater organizations, the Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis will invite people from around the world to post their own Shakespeare-inspired works on the site, to share resources, form collaborations, and develop their own Shake38 events.

Spelman College (aka Museum of Fine Art)
Atlanta, GA $100,000
To support HERadventure, a multi-episode, augmented reality computer game. Targeted to young women ages 18-25, HERadventure's story focuses on a young female superhero sent to Earth to save her own planet from devastation because of climate change. The game will be designed to be accessible online, on mobile platforms, Facebook, and Twitter.

StoryCorps, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY $40,000
To support production of StoryCorps radio segments for weekly broadcast on NPR's Morning Edition. A collaboration with the Library of Congress and public radio stations, StoryCorps is a nationwide project aimed at inspiring Americans to record one another's stories in sound. The two-minute segments are heard by nearly 14 million daily listeners on 700 NPR stations.

Storyville Center for the Spoken Word (aka The Moth)
New York, NY $20,000
To support the production and distribution of the radio series The Moth Radio Hour. The series showcases the art of storytelling through first-person accounts recorded before live audiences. Distributed by Public Radio Exchange, the series is heard on 239 stations. The podcast receives an average of 1.3 million downloads each month, and videos of stories are uploaded to YouTube every week. The storytellers will perform more than 180 live shows across the country in 2012-13.

Symphony Space, Inc.
New York, NY $20,000
To support the production and recording costs of public radio series Selected Shorts: A Celebration of the Short Story, and distribution of related CDs. Selected Shorts features leading stage and screen actors reading both classic and new short fiction by established and emerging authors of diverse cultures. The program is broadcast on approximately 150 public radio stations and garners more than 300,000 podcast downloads.

Theater Mu, Inc. (aka Mu Performing Arts)
Saint Paul, MN $20,000
To support development and production costs for MU-TV, a series of webisodes created by Asian American playwrights. Stories designed specifically for the Internet will be drawn from contemporary Asian American experiences and brought to life by actors from Theater Mu and other companies. Webisodes, each six to 10 minutes long, may consist of a monologue, a spoken word performance, or a dramatic scene.

Triple Canopy (aka Canopy Canopy Canopy, Inc.)
Brooklyn, NY $10,000
To support development and promotion costs of an online magazine. Each bimonthly, electronic issue will contain an interdisciplinary selection of nine artistic and literary projects: artworks that employ interactive tools to engage readers and viewers, critical essays and nonfiction projects produced for a general audience, and multi-media essays and narrative nonfiction. During production of each issue, contributors will be encouraged to work with staff to develop a public program.

Tulane University (aka Adminstrators of the Tulane Educational Fund)
New Orleans, LA $20,000
To support the production and national distribution of American Routes, a weekly radio series devoted to the roots of popular music and popular roots music. Folklorist Nick Spitzer hosts the two-hour, weekend program, in which he combines recordings with in-studio performances, field recordings, and interviews. Public Radio International distributes the series to 268 public radio stations, reaching 375 cities and towns.

University of Akron Main Campus
Akron, OH $20,000
To support the development of the Synesthetic Augmented Reality Application (SARA).The application will allow users to translate visual images taken with their mobile devices into sonic compositions. Once developed, the application will be available through iTunes and the Android store, and will be presented at new media festivals.

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA $40,000
To support production costs for a video game based on the writings of Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond. The player will inhabit an open, three-dimensional game world which will simulate the geography and environment of Walden Woods. Once developed, the game will be available online.

Van Cliburn Foundation, Inc.
Fort Worth, TX $20,000
To support a documentary, radio broadcasts, and other multi-media activities surrounding the 14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. The daily lives of the 30 competing pianists will be streamed online during the competition. Performance Today will present radio segments of performances and interviews. A CD recording featuring the three finalists will be produced and a television documentary will chronicle events. Once completed, it will be offered to PBS for national broadcast.

Wisdom of the Elders, Inc.
Portland, OR $20,000
To support the production and national distribution of the Wisdom of the Elders radio program. The series features the voices of traditional Native American elders, storytellers, musicians, cultural leaders, educators, and scientists from tribal communities in Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Wisdom of the Elders is broadcast on 52 Native American radio stations and community and college stations.

WNET.ORG (aka WNET, Thirteen)
New York, NY $50,000
To support the development and production of the television series American Masters for PBS broadcast. Definitive documentary profiles of major cultural figures will be made available in 2013-14 to millions of viewers in all 50 states. In 2011, most programs, as well as outakes and interviews, were streamed for free, on-demand.

WNET.ORG (aka WNET, Thirteen)
New York, NY $75,000
To support production costs and other related activities for the first season of The Electric Animation Festival. Each of the 13, one-hour episodes will include animated works from the United States and abroad. A companion website will allow users to see the films, read essays by the animators, and upload their own work.

WNET.ORG (aka WNET, Thirteen)
New York, NY $50,000
To support the development and production of performing arts specials for the television series Great Performances for broadcast on PBS. In 2013-14 several new American productions will be developed for Great Performances. The website provides information about the artists, works presented, links to video clips, artist interviews, a searchable database, and for some programs, turnkey lesson plans.

WNYC Radio
New York, NY $50,000
To support production costs for the documentary film Stories from the Jazz Loft. During the years 1957 to 1965, photographer W. Eugene Smith documented the activities in his Sixth Avenue loft in New York City, taking more than 45,000 pictures of the scenes on the street and in his apartment. Once completed, the film will be broadcast on network and cable television, exhibited at film festivals, and made available via web streaming and on DVD.

Women in Film & Video, Inc.
Washington, DC $20,000
To support post-production and national outreach for the documentary Essakane Film. Focused on the 2011 Festival au Desert, an annual concert showcasing Taureg and other world music, the film will follow festival director Manny Ansar from Bamako to Timbuktu, where the festival takes place. Once completed, the film will be offered at film festivals, screened at educational and community centers, broadcast on international television, and distributed through a streaming or video-on-demand outlet.

Women Make Movies, Inc.
New York, NY $20,000
To support production and post-productions costs for a documentary on Ellis Haizlip. Mr. Soul! Ellis Haizlip and the Birth of Black Power TV Stories from the Jazz Loft. will tell the biographical story of Ellis Haizlip who was the producer and host of the groundbreaking television series Soul which aired on public television from 1968 to 1973. Once completed, the film will be distributed theatrically and offered to PBS for national broadcast.

World Music Productions, Inc. (aka Afropop Worldwide)
Brooklyn, NY $20,000
To support the production and distribution of the weekly public radio program Afropop Worldwide. The series showcases the contemporary musical cultures of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas, and is distributed by Public Radio International to more than 100 radio stations in the United States. The website offers feature stories and a database on the artists presented in the series. Traffic to the site continues to grow with as many as 100,000 unique visitors per month.