Neil LaBute on the set of 'Death at a Funeral
Screen Gems Neil LaBute on the set of 'Death at a Funeral

Neil LaBute is doubling down on the television projects. The playwright and filmmaker has his first TV venture, "Full Circle," set to premiere on DirecTV next month, a 10-episode limited series he wrote based on "La Ronde." He's also got a series of 10 short films he'll write and direct slated to air on DirecTV later in the fall.

And now, according to Deadline, LaBute has a full-on network sitcom in the works.

NBC's bought "Harmony House," a half-hour comedy written and executive produced by LaBute and focused on a young psychiatric resident who falls in love with a patient at the mental institution at which he's just been hired. Per Deadline, "the single-camera project is a romantic comedy that reminds us that love can drive you a little crazy."

While "Full Circle" sounds very much up LaBute's alley, inspired by a play and focused on talky sessions between different characters at restaurants, the idea of a mainstream network comedy from the man who wrote "In the Company of Men" is a little mind-boggling. But LaBute has made commercial forays in the world of film before, albeit with mixed results -- he wrote and directed the disastrous remake of "The Wicker Man," and helmed the thriller "Lakeview Terrace" and the comedy (also a remake) "Death at a Funeral." So how can this consent issue-filled romantic premise possibly go wrong?