Shawn Ryan
Ryan's last project, a high profile "Beverly Hills Cop" pilot that focused on Axel Foley's son Aaron (Brandon T. Jackson), wasn't picked up to series by CBS. But the prolific writer and producer just signed to another three-year overall deal with Sony Pictures TV and has a 1950s Hawaii-set project directed by Justin Lin at Fox and a hacktivist drama called "Freedom" at ABC, meaning he'll have a new series on TV soon. The creator of "The Shield," "The Chicago Code" and "Last Resort" as well as the showrunner of the beloved "Terriers," Ryan's a very savvy and experienced maker of good shows, and on Twitter he answers questions, reacts to praise and roots for the Cubs -- and isn't above a little bribery when it comes to the latter.

Shawn Ryan

Michael Schur: "Parks and Recreation"
After retiring from Twitter in October, Schur announced that his New Year's resolution was "to burn more of my waning lifeforce by tossing thoughts into an angry void, so I'm gonna start tweeting again!" It was happy news -- the co-creator of "Parks and Recreation" (for which he's the showrunner) and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," Schur's a mightily talented comedic voice, though (fair warning) he does devote a lot of his tweeting to sports, and has written about sports on other sites under the pen name Ken Tremendous, which is also his Twitter handle. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" showrunner Dan Goor, who created the Golden Globe-winning Fox series with Schur, is also on Twitter.

Mike Schur

Kurt Sutter: "Sons of Anarchy"
The "Sons of Anarchy" creator brings a lot of attitude to Twitter -- more than some people (this writer included) may want to commit to. But he's also a tireless engager of his FX series' giant fan base, holding online Q&As, retweeting fan photos and generally presenting an online persona to match the wry tough guy stances of the characters on his show. Sutter's got a new series, the period drama "The Bastard Executioner," in the works as a pilot back at FX, so don't expect him to soften his voice anytime soon.

Kurt Sutter

Rob Thomas: "Veronica Mars"
Thomas and star Kristen Bell successfully resurrected their UPN/CW series about a teen detective as a movie with the help of a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign last year that ushered in a new era of bigger ticket celebrity crowdfunding. All of which just goes to show how engaged Thomas is on social media, understanding that it's a way to give fans who were willing to shell out their dollars in support of characters they love a window into the creative process. Thomas, who also created the much praised but little watched Starz comedy "Party Down," has two new projects in development -- a zombie drama series at the CW called "iZombie" and a modern day take on "Les Misérables" at Fox.

Rob Thomas

Beau Willimon: "House of Cards"
Playwright-turned-screenwriter-turned-showrunner Willimon is poised to launch the second season of "House of Cards" on Netflix next month, but in the meantime he's been able to take some pleasure in the success the series has had, tweeting photos from the Golden Globes, where the political show was nominated in multiple categories, with Robin Wright winning for best actress in a drama series. He's also offered tidbits from behind the scenes, snippets of political commentary (Willimon worked in the past for Hillary Clinton, Bill Bradley and Howard Dean) and even some hand-drawn cartoons in which Francis Underwood offers up his thoughts on D.C.

Beau Willimon

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