Sklars 3
The episodes are arranged around themes -- any personal favorites that were of particular interest to you?

Randy: My favorite was the death episode. Western culture has a view of death that's interesting in that we don't really talk about it -- we're afraid of it. That's why horror movies make so much money, because everyone's afraid of the topic of death. We're afraid of snakes and planes and a sequel to the movie "Snakes on a Plane," that those things are going to kill us, but are we afraid of the right things? The whole search in that episode was for what's America's number one killer, what we should be the most afraid of. We've got this backdrop of the 500-pound elephant in the room, and that tension, it speaks a little louder to me and allows our humor to come through.

Jason: A 500-pound elephant would be pretty small.

Randy: Yeah, it's a tiny, adorable elephant. Did I say 500-pound elephant? I meant 500-pound gorilla.

Jason: A 500-pound elephant would be like a big dog.

Randy: I got my kids a pet, and it's this 500-pound elephant. And maybe it's the kind of thing that you and your wife had a problem with, and the 500-pound elephant would be the 500-pound gorilla in your room.

Jason, in the episode I saw, you sat down to eat a three-pound hamburger with a sumo wrestler. How much of it did you actually finish?

Sklars 4
Jason: I got through a fourth of that burger before wanting to throw up. It was so much meat. When I think about regular Americans who are not competitive eaters or training to become sumo wrestlers eating that amount of beef -- it made me understand vegetarianism. 

Randy: I was there when Jason was eating it, and the more meat he ate, the less funny he got.

Jason: It's so true.

Randy: He was trying to make jokes, but the bun got in the way.

Jason: It felt like I'd put another person inside of me. 

You guys have worked on several TV shows over the years -- is there any chance we'll ever see "Apartment 2F," the sitcom you did for MTV in 1997, on DVD?

Randy: Part of me really wants it to come out on DVD. When you think about who was in that show... Zach Galifianakis was a series regular, along with Michael Showalter. Stephen Colbert was on the first episode, and Amy Poehler, Jeff Ross, Jim Norton, Patton Oswalt, Arj Barker -- all these incredible comedy people.

We did that show when we were 25 -- 15 years ago -- and we were very green. There are moments where I watch that show and cringe at our acting abilities. But it'd be cool to see the show on DVD. I think "Cheap Seat," the show we did on ESPN Classic, has a better shot at coming out first, but we'll see. Maybe "Apartment 2F" will see the light of day.