"I want to be everything to you, Scott -- I want to be father, brother, lover, best friend..." After much teasing, HBO's at last released a full trailer for "Behind the Candelabra," the final film (for now) from the retiring Steven Soderbergh. Based on Scott Thorson's book about his relationship with Liberace, the movie stars Michael Douglas as the flamboyant performer and Matt Damon as his young lover, and tracks a years-long relationship marked by excess, love, plastic surgery, drugs and a famous palimony suit.

Tone-wise, the film appears to have a hint of "The Informant!" to it, with a heightened reality giving way to tragedy. An entertainingly scary-looking Rob Lowe co-stars alongside Dan Aykroyd and Debbie Reynolds. "Behind the Candelabra" premieres Sunday, May 26 at 9pm on HBO, and many are expecting to see it somewhere in the Cannes line-up.