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Watch: 'Community' Goes 'Beyond the Darkest Timeline' In Its Season Five Trailer

Photo of Alison Willmore By Alison Willmore | Indiewire December 12, 2013 at 2:13PM

With "Community" creator Dan Harmon back on board as showrunner, can the NBC cult comedy return to its old heights?

The fourth season of "Community," which was overseen by new showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port after creator Dan Harmon was fired, just... wasn't the same. Yes, Harmon's comparison to watching it being similar to "being held down and watching your family get raped on a beach" was both tasteless and extreme, but storylines like "Changnesia" and the Britta break-up didn't feel like they involved the same characters the show had before. With Harmon back in charge for the fifth season, kicking off on NBC on January 2nd, everyone's wondering if he'll be able to return the idiosyncratic comedy to its former state -- the season premiere is even called "Repilot." If the trailer below is any indication, the show will indeed be back in its old form -- like the earlier teaser, it takes the form of a fake movie promo, in this case an epic one going "Beyond the Darkest Timeline.'

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