At first, Malin Akerman wasn't interested in the lead role of "Trophy Wife," the ABC comedy in which she currently stars, because of the title -- "That was the last thing I wanted to play." Sarah Michelle Gellar had to chase down her role in "The Crazy Ones" because of a perception she wasn't funny, while Taylor Schilling was drawn to the complicated quality of her "Orange is the New Black" character, something she seldom saw in roles she was offered. Lizzy Caplan feels the same way about Virginia Johnson in "Masters of Sex," and Anna Faris also relishes her "Mom" character's imperfections: '"I love it that I don't have a love interest."

The six actresses ("Mob City" star Alexa Davalos is also in the mix) have been gathered by Variety for a television awards panel in which they talk breaking into the business and their current roles as we head into awards season. Take a look below: