The Walking Dead Social Game
AMC/RockYou The Walking Dead Social Game

Season two of "The Walking Dead" wrapped last night, and to tide fans over during the long lurch toward season three in the fall, AMC is launching a social game in April based on the series in conjunction with developers RockYou.

The game will find players trying to survive the apocalypse by fighting zombies and presumably having long, bickering disagreements.

AMC's following in HBO's footsteps with a TV-to-game adaptation; the latter's got a "Game of Thrones" browser-based MMO game in the works from Bigpoint

The network's also released the video below, in which the cast looks back at the season and ahead to the one to come. Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays Lori Grimes, observes of the much-anticipated new setting that "the prison's as heavy-handed a metaphor as we could possibly get away with, and yet there's something about it that's very simple and very beautiful."