Gimme 5

Some filmmakers get their careers off to an especially early start -- like "Shaun of the Dead" director Edgar Wright, who was making Super 8 and camcorder shorts with his friends long before he made his first feature, "A Fistful of Fingers," in 1994 when he was just 20.

In the video below, Wright appears on ITV Saturday morning show "Gimme 5" as a teenager in 1992 to introduce his film "Help," alongside its star Martin Curtis. Like all independent filmmakers, Wright is immediately asked what his budget was, and he shares that it was £2.25, all of which went toward buying a policeman's hat.

Wright has posted more YouTube videos of his early TV appearances on his blog, where he notes of the clip below, "Please note the rainbow lines of VHS crash editing on every single cut and also my outrageously arrogant answer to the question; 'So anyone can do it?'"