"Elementary" has either the misforture or, I'm sure according to CBS, the great luck to arrive this fall on the heels of the success of BBC's wildly popular contemporary take on Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective "Sherlock," a series that has made a star of lead Benedict Cumberbatch.

CBS's take on Holmes, which will kick off in the fall, features Jonny Lee Miller in the role of the detective, genderflipping the role of his partner and biographer to have Lucy Liu as Joan Watson, his sober companion (he's moved to New York for rehab).

The pilot was directed by Michael Cuesta (of "L.I.E."), and the clips included in the preview below show that Miller's take on Holmes, while eccentric, is a less prickly than Cumberbatch's UK version. Incidentally, Miller and Cumberbatch starred opposite one another in Danny Boyle's National Theatre stage production of "Frankenstein," alternating between the roles of Victor Frankenstein and the Creature.