We all need a little more Steve Buscemi in our lives, and luckily, he knows it. Buscemi invented this "talking show" where he interviews New Yorkers on city park benches, and it looks much more compelling than it sounds. Hosted by AOL, "Park Bench" finds Buscemi in his element -- which honestly is whatever he wants it to be. The man can do it all. Comedy, drama, politics, you name it. It's all on display in the trailer.

A few weeks back, AOL announced their web series pickups, ordering shows from Buscemi, James Franco (of course), and Zoe Saldana. While most of their programming will be 10 minutes or less, they did announce one 30-minute series, "Connected," about New Yorkers whose lives are connected in unexpected ways (perhaps through interviews with Buscemi? Do I sense a crossover?). The AOL Originals lineup is a concentrated effort by the company to put itself on the entertainment map along with Hulu, Amazon, and even Netflix (though the latter seems pretty ambitious). 

"Park Bench" premieres tomorrow on AOL.com with four new episodes arriving June 12th and four more on July 10th. Check out the sizzle reel below.