The world knows Vince Gilligan better for his work behind the camera -- he's the creator of "Breaking Bad." But last night "Community" gave the writer-producer some time as an actor, sort of, as the screen-within-a-screen host of a long-discontinued VHS game called "Pile of Bullets" that Abed's (Danny Pudi) girlfriend Rachel (Brie Larson) bought at a thrift store.

Gilligan's real moment in the sun came with the episode's end tag, a flashback to 1993 that reveals Gilligan's character abandoned a job at Apple computers for a potential career in the budding field of video tape boardgames and a probable cocaine addiction. On the plus side, he's married to Gina Gershon, despite the bad advice she gives out. Maybe these crazy kids are destined for some sort of alternate universe "Breaking Bad" scenario. Take a look: