Showtime "Homeland"

What does the future hold for Carrie (Claire Danes) and Brody (Damian Lewis)? Are they going to ride off into the sunset together? Are they going to spy on each other while pretending to be in love? This past Sunday's episode of "Homeland" seemingly wrapped up the major terrorism plot that's been driving the series for two years, but with another season already approved, the real question is where the show will go and what it has in store for December 16th's season finale, "The Choice."

Showtime's released two clips from the upcoming episode, below, that are very focused on Brody and Carrie's relationship -- one features her and Saul (Mandy Patinkin) discussing the future with Saul offering a sort of ultimatum, and the other finds her doing the same with Brody. How Estes (David Harewood) and Quinn (Rupert Friend) will fit in remains to be soon, but we're still hoping for Brody to be hiding a secret agenda.