8. Byzantium (June 28)

Director: Neil Jordan
Cast: Gemma Arterton, Sam Riley, Saoirse Ronan
Distributor: IFC Films

Criticwire Average: 17 critics gave it a B- average

Why is it a "Must See"? "Interview With a Vampire" director Neil Jordan returns to the bloodsucker genre with "Byzantium," his most commercial vehicle in years that premiered to solid notices last year in Toronto. The story centers on two female vampires (Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton) who wreak havoc on an unsuspecting seaside community. Given Jordan's track record since helming the Tom Cruise-starring "Interview" -- he has since directed "Michael Collins," "The End of the Affair" and "Breakfast on Pluto," among many others -- don't expect a "Twilight" knockoff, but something for the adult set with more on its mind than lust and blood.

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9. Call Me Kuchu (June 14)

Katherine Fairfax Wright, Malika Zouhali-Worrall
Distributor: Cinedigm

Criticwire Average: 7 critics gave it an A average

Why is it a "Must See"?
Malika Zouhali-Worrall and Katherine Fairfax Wright's Ugandan LGBT rights doc "Call Me Kuchu" has been winning accolades left and right in its lengthy run on the festival circuit. Upon its world premiere way back at the 2012 Berlinale, the film won the Teddy Award for best LGBT documentary. Then when it made its North American debut at last year's Hot Docs, it won the prize for best international feature. Specifically focused around LGBT people and activists in Uganda, "Call Me Kuchu" (gay and transgendered citizens are called "kuchus") centers around the life and tragic death of David Kato, a veteran activist who spent years fighting against his country’s insanely homophobic society.  Among other terrifying things, an anti-homosexuality bill proposing death for HIV-positive gay men is introduced and Kato is one of the few brave enough to try and stop it. Unfortunately, after courageously changing the face of LGBT rights in the country, Kato was brutually murdered in 2011. Canonizing Kato's life and shedding light on the remarkable efforts of people like him, their first film as feature directors is a powerful and important one that should not be missed.

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10. Violet and Daisy (June 7)

Director: Geoffrey Fletcher
Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Alexis Bledel, James Gandolfini, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Danny Trejo
Distributor: Cinedigm

Criticwire Average: 6 critics gave it a C average.

Why is it a "Must See"?  Geoffrey Fletcher -- who won an Oscar for writing "Precious: Based o the Novel 'Push' By Sapphire" -- makes his directorial debut with this tale of a pair of teenage assassins (played by Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel), who find themselves with a target who isn't who they expected (James Gandolfini). Coming to theaters after a premiere at 2011's Toronto Film Festival, "Violet and Daisy" gives the assassin genre a nice dose of female energy.

Check out the film's trailer: