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by Peter Knegt
May 31, 2012 11:12 AM
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The 7 Indie Films You Must See This June

3. To Rome, With Love (June 22)

Director: Woody Allen
Cast: Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, Roberto Benigni, Judy Davis, Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, Greta Gerwig and Allen himself
Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics

Why Is It a "Must See"? "Rome" marks Woody Allen's first acting role in one of his films since 2006's "Scoop," and he's joined by a typically expansive cast that includes previous collaborators Cruz and Davis.  Few have seen it, but the film is said to be told in four vignettes, each set in Rome. It's unclear what the quality level will be, as Allen clearly hits ("Midnight in Paris") as much as he misses ("You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger") these days, and two in a row seems like asking a bit much. But a Woody Allen film is still a Woody Allen film either way, and it seems pretty impossible to not enjoy watching this cast.

Check out the film's trailer :

4. Your Sister's Sister (June 15) & 5. Safety Not Guaranteed (June 8)

Directors: Lynn Shelton ("Sister"); Colin Trevorrow ("Safety")
Cast: Emily Blunt, Rosemarie Dewitt and Mark Duplass ("Sister"); Aubrey Plaza, Jake M. Johnson and Mark Duplass again ("Safety)
Distributors: Sundance Selects ("Sister"); Film District ("Safety")

Why Are They "Must Sees"? Mark Duplass double feature! Though the similarities pretty much end there, save the fact that both have had well-recieved runs on the festival circuit.

The "Jeff Who Lives at Home" writer and director stars in two indie films this summer (in addition to studio offering "People Like Us" and the release of Mark and brother Jay Duplass's first film "The Do-Deca-Pentathlon"), Lynn Shelton's "Your Sister's Sister" and Colin Trevorrow's "Safety Not Guaranteed." The former sees him starring alongside Emily Blunt and Rosemarie Dewitt in a heavily improvised comedic drama about a revealing weekend at the cottage between two sisters and their friend. The latter is based on an internet meme that originated from a newspaper classified ad by a person (played by Duplass in the film) asking for someone to accompany him in time travel.  Both are unlike anything else playing in theaters this summer, and that's a good thing.

Check out Indiewire's review of "Sister" and "Safety," and the films' trailers:


  • jingmei | June 1, 2012 8:58 AMReply

    Personally don't treat To Rome With Love et Seeking A Friend For The End of The World as indie films. Have seen Take This Waltz, definitely not just a romantic chick flick on the average surface, even kinda quirky. Also didn't realize could shattered tears by Seth Rogen, the dude does not juste deserve slacker comedies for sure. And it kind of geared for women at least for the point of the end, Sarah Polley's purpose is not that easy then looks like.

  • bob hawk | June 1, 2012 4:05 AMReply

    Great list, Peter. I still haven't seen #'s 1 or 6, but I love the rest -- and this summer is gonna be so full of treats. Amazing, with the recession, that there are more films being made (and entered into festivals) each year. Hurrah for the new technology!