On VOD this month: "Central Park Five," "Kumare," "Struck By Lightening" and "John Dies at the End"
On VOD this month: "Central Park Five," "Kumare," "Struck By Lightening" and "John Dies at the End"

As usual, Indiewire has weeded through the films hitting VOD this cold month to bring you a curated list of the 10 most worth your time. Your options this month include a dark comedy the filmmaker behind "Bubba Ho-Tep," a blazing satire shot entirely on iPhones, Chris Colfer's charming screenwriting debut, one of the most sexually provocative films to play at this year's Sundance Film Festival, and many more. Here are the 10 films to watch on VOD this December, in alphabetical order:

"The Central Park Five" (December 7) Criticwire Page

As many a New Yorker could probably tell you, "The Central Park Five" details the story of the five young men who were wrongfully convicted for the 1989 rape of a female jogger in Central Park. The film looks at how our legal system rushed to judgment in this racially fueled case, resulting in false confessions and conflicting evidence that condemned the five men to serving full terms in prison. The case was eventually reopened and the men were released after the true rapist came forward, but their youth had already been lost.

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"Gayby" (December 4) Criticwire Page

At raucous hit on the festival circuit (and recent nominee at the upcoming Spirit Awards) "Gayby" is the long form version of his award-winning short of the same name. The film follows thirty-something friends from college Matt (Wilkas) and Jenn (Harris) as they decide they want to bring a baby into the world the old-fashioned way.  The couple continues to navigate the daunting New York dating scene throughout their trials and tribulations at attempting pregnancy, and much interpersonal strife and hilarity ensues.

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"Hello I Must Be Going" (December 18) Criticwire Page

If you don't know Kiwi actress Melanie Lynskey by name, chances are you likely do by face. Since breaking out at 16 opposite Kate Winslet in Peter Jackson's brutal and sad "Heavenly Creatures," Lynskey has worked with some of the best directors in the business (including Steven Soderbergh, Jason Reitman, Sam Mendes, Clint Eastwood and Thomas McCarthy) and acted alongside stars like Matt Damon, George Clooney and Keira Knightley. Yet despite her obvious talent and impressive CV, Lynskey has yet to make a dent as a leading lady. That changes with "Hello I Must Be Going." In the dramedy, Lynskey stars as Amy, a divorced and depressed 35-year-old who moves in with her parents to get her life back on track. Things aren't looking up for Amy despite her parents' best wishes, until she meets a teenage boy ("Girls" star Christopher Abbott) who changes everything and brings some spark back into her life.

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