"Fairhaven," "Citadel," "Charles Swan" and "Compliance"
Various "Fairhaven," "Citadel," "Charles Swan" and "Compliance"

As usual, Indiewire has weeded through the films hitting VOD this cold month to bring you a curated list of the 10 most worth your time. Your options this first month of the new year include a comedy sure to appeal to any casual Wes Anderson fan, a crop of stellar documentaries that premiered at Sundance this time last year, and one of the most controversial indies to come along in a long while. Here are the 10 films to watch on VOD this January, in alphabetical order:

"Citadel" (January 29) Criticwire Page

Winner of the Midnighter Audience Award at last year's SXSW Film Festival, "Citadel" stars hot newcomer Aneurin Barnard as a young father suffering from agoraphobia, fighting for survival after a pack of feral children attack him and his family.

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"Compliance" (January 8) Criticwire Page

In Craig Zobel's acclaimed and controversial drama "Compliance," Dreama Walker stars as Becky, a young fast food employee who is accused of stealing from a customer after a man, under the guise of a police officer, calls the restaurant demanding to speak to her manager Sandra (Ann Dowd). What follows is a horrific true account of how the mystery caller managed to convince the young woman's supervisor (as well as others asked to help out) to commit a number of physically invasive acts, including sexual assault.

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"Detropia" (January 15) Criticwire Page

Documentary filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, whose “Jesus Camp” was nominated for an Oscar in 2006, are back with "Detropia," a four-year look at Detroit’s recessionary struggles. The bulk of the movie consists of Detroit residents complaining about the city's downward economic spiral. Seemingly covering every inch of the city, Ewing and Grady's collection of angry voices slowly blend together to provide a troubling portrait of a city in crisis.

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