"Only God Forgives"
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With summer in full swing, what better to do during this hot month than stay inside a cool air conditioned space and catch up on some must see indies available on VOD? To help you figure out what to watch, we've compiled a list of the 10 best indies to watch on VOD this month.

"The Time Being" (July 23)
A young artist named Daniel (Wes Bentley) encounters a mysterious and eccentric benefactor (Frank Langella) who offers to fund his art as long as he is willing to take on some strange assignments. Daniel must find the balance between the need for money and the desire for personal and artistic integrity. The fragile moral relationship between a young and corruptible man in need and a mysterious patron has been trodden before on paper ("Great Expectations," "The Picture of Dorian Gray"), but this big screen exploration seems to hold just as much drama, and, from the trailer, the vague promise of unsettling lines being crossed. Brand new director Nenad Cicin-Sain helms the film in a promising directorial debut.

"The Look of Love" (July 7)
British comedy vet Steve Coogan stars as a rich London business man -- who is in the business of pornography and strip clubs. This is the true story of Paul Raymond who made it big as the owner of premier strip clubs in London's Soho area in the 60s and 70s. Anna Friel and Imogen Poots also star as his wife and daughter in a story that promises to give an interesting look into family life when Daddy just happens to be a sex club mogul.

"Scenic Route" (July 26)
Friendship turns sour when two friends try to reprise a road trip they had years ago. Their lives were better back then, but they've since drifted apart. Things get tense when one friend (Dan Fogler) stages a car breakdown to give them time to bond and the other (Josh Duhamel) finds out, but the danger becomes real when they find out the car is actually broken. Mid life crises become the least of their problems as the stranded and estranged friends struggle to survive the wild -- and each other.

"Only God Forgives" (July 19)
If "Drive" is any indication, Ryan Gosling and director Nicholas Winding Refn are a match made in heaven for crime drama. In Refn's latest tonal follow-up, Gosling plays Julian, a man who runs a Bangkok boxing club as a drug front, but is sucked back into his family's own criminal history when his brother is murdered and his cold-as-steel mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) demands that Julian avenge his death.

"I Give It a Year" (July 3)
This promising British romcom from the producers of "Love Actually," "Bridget Jones's Diary," and "Notting Hill" follows a newly married couple who are dissatisfied with their marriage just days after the wedding. This comedy from the mind of Dan Mazer, the man behind "Borat," promises to be raunchy and snarky, but also smart enough to hold its ground against the golden age of British romcoms that it is being likened to.