"Grabbers" (July 19)
When a small Irish fishing village is attacked by mysterious blood-sucking creatures, the residents discover that the only way to fend them off is to get drunk enough to keep their blood alcohol content in the safety zone. But how long can they drink to hold out against the monsters, and how can they defend themselves from danger if they're inebriated? This sci-fi horror/comedy mashup poses some interesting questions, and it's worth a rental to see how using alcohol as a defense weapon pans out.

"Drinking Buddies" (July 25)
This film boasts a stellar ensemble: Anna Kendrick, Jake Johnson, Olivia Wilde, and Ron Lingston, and looks to be a breakout summer comedy for writer-director Joe Swanberg. Johnson and Wilde play co-workers at a brewery and potential flames -- the only problem is that they're both in serious relationships. How do they navigate the field of temptation with each other when their job is literally to make (and also drink) beer? Questionable decisions will ensue, but their feelings for each other may be more than just the beer talking.

"The Lifeguard" (July 30)
Kristen Bell stars as a former valedictorian who is stuck in a rut and quits her big deal reporting job in New York to return to the last place she felt happy: her hometown in Connecticut. She may be too cool for the suburbs, but she takes a job as a lifeguard and starts to backslide into her old high school life, and her interest in high school boys. Writing and directing is first-timer Liz W. Garcia.

"Just Like a Woman" (July 5)
"Just Like a Woman" follows two friends (Sienna Miller and Golshifteh Farahani), housewives who escape a cheating husband a layoff, and two unhappy marriages by embarking on a road trip from Chicago to Santa Fe to compete in a bellydancing competition. This female friendship drama is written by Joelle Touma and Marion Doussot and directed by Oscar nominee Rachid Bouchareb ("Outside the Law").

"Magic Camp" (July 9)
This documentary from Judd Ehrlich ("Run for Your Life," "Mayor of the West Side," "Science Fiction Land") is exactly what it sounds like: a documentary about magic camp. With the tagline "Welcome to the real Hogwarts," the film promises to document the story of magic-obsessed kids who congregate at a camp where they can be themselves and brush up on their tricks (or should we say "illusions"?) These kids are training at Tannen's Magic Camp, the same place that taught David Copperfield, Criss Angel, and David Blaine, and they all hope for a chance to take their sleight of hand to the big-time stage.