IFC Films "Sightseers"

This month on VOD: Ben Wheatley's surprisingly hilarious follow-up to "Kill List," the latest from the prolific Olivier Assayas, Shane Carruth's long-in-the-works indie mind f*ck, a festival favorite from the Zellner Brothers, and much more. Below are the 10 indies to watch on VOD this May, in alphabetical order.

"Aftershock" (May 10)
Co-penned by and starring "Hostel" horror maestro Eli Roth, "Aftershock" doesn't skimp on the blood and guts to tell a harrowing story about a hapless group of tourists who find themselves in a living hell after a powerful earthquake rips through the coastal town of Valparaiso in Chile.

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"Happy New Year" (May 14)
"Happy New Year" is a gut wrenching look into the lives of veterans dealing with PTS/PTSD. Centering on Staff Sgt. Cole Lewis, the film tracks his powerful journey from his difficult return home to his integral role in the healing of a group of other war vets and survivors in the psych ward of a veterans hospital. Developed with over 80 hours of personal interviews, the film is a realistic depiction of life after war.

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"Honor Flight" (May 14)
You may not know some of the local heroes in your community or about the programs that bring recognition for their service, but this heartwarming film will have you looking at your community members with new eyes. Honor flights are free flights provided to war veterans so that they can visit Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials resurrected in their honor. The film centers around four World War II vets and the Midwest community that rallies around them to ensure they participate in one of the more memorable days of their lives.

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"Kid Thing" (May 21)
When we were young we dreamed of the freedom of not having parents tell us what to do, but as we grew older we realized that not having parents who cared probably meant there was a problem. In the Zellner Brothers' festival favorite "Kid Thing," we see that problem come to life in Annie. She has been left to her own musings leading to mischief and trouble, until one day she stumbles upon a woman stuck in a well needing help. Annie begins to question her choices and whether or not to help the trapped woman.

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"Mosquita Y Mari" (May 14)
The deft coming-of-age drama "Mosquita y Mari" centers on the relationship between Yolanda and Mari, two Latina teenagers whose families depend on them to succeed educationally and provide financially. As the girls friendship grows, their bond shifts in meaning as they question what they want for themselves and for each other.

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