"Escape From Tomorrow"
Cinetic Media "Escape From Tomorrow."

To help you figure out what to watch on VOD this month, we've compiled a list of the 11 best indies new to VOD this month. Click on film title to learn more.

"Concussion" (October 4)
One of the most talked about films at Sundance earlier this year, first-time feature director Stacey Passon's "Concussion" follows Abby, a comfortable lesbian housewife who, after getting in the head with a baseball and being sent to the ER, embarks on a journey of sexual discovery. Buying an apartment in the city under the guise of getting back to work as a decorator, Abby begins having trysts with various random call girls, even indulging in the profession herself.

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"Escape From Tomorrow" (October 11)
Shot guerrilla-style at the Walt Disney World Resort, "Escape From Tomorrow" focuses on a family man named Jim who, on the eve of his last day with his family at the entertainment complex, is informed by his boss that he has been fired. Keeping the news under wraps so as not to put a damper on the rest of their trip, the joyful characters and images around the resort grow increasingly nightmarish, leading Jim down a surreal downward spiral. Considering the tyrannical control Disney has over its intellectual property, the fact that the film was made and is being released is some sort of miracle.

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"Linsanity" (October 4)
Basketball player Jeremy Lin seemingly burst onto the sports scene in 2012, setting records with his games at the New York Knicks and inspiring the titular catchphrase. The documentary traces Lin's life and career, growing up in Palo Alto as the middle son of Taiwanese immigrants, and his ascension from playing point guard on his high school team to being picked up and dropped by the Golden State Warriors, before finally gaining attention from the New York Knicks. Director Evan Jackson Leong began making the film before Lin had even made it big, and he captures the story as it explodes into international pandemonium firsthand.

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"The Taiwan Oyster" (October 1)
Simon and Darin are two laid-back ex-patriates living in Taiwan. When a close fellow ex-pat dies and there is no one back in the US to claim his body, they decide to do their best to give him a proper burial. With the help of a sympathetic clerk at the morgue, they circumvent the plan for him to be cremated by the local authorities, embarking on a road trip across the country to find the right place to lay him to rest.

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