"Sunlight Jr." (October 7)
Matt Dillon and Naomi Watts star as Richie and Melissa, a down-on-their-luck Florida couple barely getting by with her minimum wage job and his disability checks, facing eviction from the run-down motel they're inhabiting as well as visits from Melissa's ex. In addition to dealing with all of these hardships, Melissa learns that she is expecting a child. Upon hearing the news, the two attempt to overcome their tensions and struggles with their love for each other and hope for the future.

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"Sal" (October 22)
James Franco pays tribute to Hollywood actor Sal Mineo in the titular biopic, which chronicles the final days of the star who appeared in such films as "Rebel Without A Cause" and "Switchblade Kid," who was stabbed to death in a robbery-motivated murder in 1976. "Sal" captures Mineo's final, fleeting moments of mortality, having fallen from teen idol to relative obscurity.

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"Wakaliwood" (October 1)
"Wakaliwood" delves into the world of the (quite small) burgeoning movie community in Uganda, which came to attention two years ago when the trailer for the hilariously over-the-top action flick "Who Killed Captain Alex" went viral. Two years later, this documentary follows that film's director as he attempts to band together with 100 partners to go about creating an independent film industry in the African country, where even basic utilities are a struggle to obtain.

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"Plush" (October 15)
Emily Browning stars as the lead singer of the titular rock band who goes off and marries a music journalist at the height of the music group's fame, causing her bandmate brother Jack to seep into a depression and eventually overdose. When Hayley finds a replacement for Jack during the band' comeback with Enzo, a man who looks mysteriously like Jack, things begin to take a turn for the macabre, with an obsessed fan and her husband's investigation into serial killers exacerbating the unease.

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