"Faces in the Mirror" (September 1)

In making his debut feature as a writer and producer, Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band chose to do things a little differently: he scored the film before penning the script. The result, "Faces in the Mirror," is an experimental indie that's driven by a percussive score (recorded by Tinsley, his DMB bandmates, Shawn Smith of Brad and the Seattle band Maktub) and little-to-no dialogue. It tells the story of a young man who on the day of his father's funeral goes on a dreamlike odyssey where he's led, portal by portal, to fantastical places. The story, like the film's production process, defies easy categorization. It requires that you just go with it, preferably with the volume on your speakers turned all the way up.

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"For Ellen" (September 19)

In So Yong Kim's "For Ellen," Paul Dano dons a black leather jacket and eye liner to play an aspiring rocker who agrees to sign divorce papers for his estranged wife in order to get money from the sale of their home. Trouble arises when he realizes his daughter is also part of the bargain and he will be forfeiting all parental rights to her. Kim ("Treeless Mountain," "In Between Days"), who debuted the drama at Sundance, keeps the pace leisurely for the most part, but stick with it -- the emotional payoff is huge. And Dano, playing against type as a rocker at a dead end in his life, is a total marvel.

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"Head Games" (September 21)

After exploring urban violence in Chicago with his well received award-winning documentary "The Interrupters," filmmaker Steve James is back in "Hoop Dreams" mode with his latest film "Head Games." Inspired by events recounted in the book of the same name written by former Ivy League football star and WWE wrestler Christopher Nowinski, "Head Games" serves as an eye-opening expose on sports and traumatic head injuries. Included are interviews with Nowinski, NBC Sports' Bob Costas, NHL All-Star Keith Primeau and Olympic women's soccer gold medalist Cindy Parlow Cone.

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