Elizabeth Debicki, "The Great Gatsby"
Warner Bros. Elizabeth Debicki, "The Great Gatsby"

One of the single greatest opportunities for an actor to break out on the world cinema stage, the Cannes Film Festival, has helped launch countless careers. With the 66th edition kicking off tonight with the European premiere of Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby" (starring a breakout actress who made this list...), we run down the 10 actors who could leave Cannes as the next Jean Dujardin. Here are Indiewire's picks for the 10 actors to watch this year.

The Past Berenice Bejo

Berenice Bejo, "The Past"
We know what you're thinking: Why is she on this list? Academy Award nominated for her graceful turn in "The Artist," Berenice Bejo is a bonafide star in France, but in the black-and-white sensation Academy Award winner Jean Dujardin came out as the true stateside breakout -- that and he got to utter some dialogue at the end of the film, while Bejo did not. Despite a prolific career onscreen in France, it's arguable that many have yet to see the actress prove she's not just a silent force. In Asghar Farhadi's follow-up to his universally acclaimed "A Separation," Bejo gets her meatiest role to date and rumor is she knocks it out of the park as ex-wife to "A Prophet" star Tahar Rahim. Pundits, having not even seen the film, are saying she has a good shot at netting a prize at the closing ceremony based on the positive buzz. Whatever the outcome, Bejo is sure to leave this year's Cannes more popular than ever.

The Great Gatsby, Elizabeth Debicki
Elizabeth Debicki, "The Great Gatsby"
While Baz Luhrmann's 3D take on "The Great Gatsby" has earned mixed reviews since screening for critics ahead of its Cannes launch, most agree on one thing: That Australian newcomer Elizabeth Debicki stands out among the starry cast, despite only appearing in a handful of scenes. As the golfing, long limbed beauty Jordan Baker, Debicki radiates a cool confidence -- no small feat considering she landed the role mere months after leaving the Victorian College of the Arts, and had to act opposite a heavyweight like Leonardo DiCaprio, under the direction of one of her country's most revered filmmakers.

Grisgris 1
Souleymane Deme, "Grisgris"
As the titular 25-year-old who dreams of becoming a dancer despite his paralyzation, Souleymane Deme's role in Mahamat-Saleh Haroun's latest has all the trappings of a breakout role from this year's festival. After his uncle begins to fall ill, he decides to get involved with a group of petrol smugglers in order to get the supplies necessary to save him. While there have only been a few pictures released of the film up to this point, Deme has remained the focal point of all the materials, and the clearly devoted role has already turned heads for its clear physicality. As a complete unknown, this may be just the kind of actor-propelled drama to stand out amongst the ensemble casts of this year's festival, and make the first-time actor one of the stand-outs of the event.

"Sarah Prefers To Run"
Sophie Desmarais, "Sarah Prefers to Run"
At 26, French-Canadian theater and film actress Sophie Desmarais is still a relative newcomer, and probably her only brush with international visibility so far has been an appearance in Xavier Dolan's "Heartbeats." A starring role in a Cannes-bound film is a pretty decent way to put yourself on the map, however, and Desmarais is about to make herself known as the titular college athlete in Quebecois director Chloe Robichaud's first feature, "Sarah Prefers to Run." The drama stars the young actress as a girl who goes to great lengths in order to be able to run on the track team of a first class university. She also stars in Sébastien Pilote’s second feature "Le Demantelement," screening in Critics’ Week.
Nebraska, Bruce Dern, Will Forte

Will Forte, "Nebraska"
SNL favorite Will Forte, who's hilarious characters range from MacGruber to Senator Tim Calhoun to The Falconer, has taken a break from comedy of late. Although he dabbled in comedic film roles after leaving SNL in 2012, Forte has begun to take on more serious acting. At this year's Tribeca Film Festival Forte made his dramatic appearance in Steph Green's Irish drama "Run and Jump." Yet Forte seems to be pretty content on showing us his serious side with his lead role in Alexander Payne's black-and-white Palme d'Or-competing "Nebraska." The drama follows an alcoholic father with dementia who is taken on a road trip by his estranged son (Forte), only to become stuck in a small Nebraska town together.

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