7. We Have a Pope

Why Is It a "Must See"?  Nearly a year after it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival (where its director Nanni Moretti will preside over the jury this year), Italian import "We Have a Pope" is hitting US theaters this month via Sundance Selects. Considerably comic in nature, the film (which comes 35 years after Moretti's debut feature, "I Am Self Sufficient") centers on a newly elected Pope (Michel Piccoli in a fantastic performance) and his unwillingness to take on his new responsibilities. (April 6, Sundance Selects)

What Do Critics Think?  "We Have a Pope" has a B- average on its Criticwire page.

8. Here

Why Is It a "Must See"?  Like "Sound of My Voice," Braden King's "Here" is a 2011 Sundance Film Festival alum. Starring Ben Foster as a cartographer who hits the road to create a new, more accurate satellite survey of Armenia, the film might not have been as universally acclaimed as "Sound," but it definitely has its fair share of passionate supporters (check out Karina Longworth's Village Voice rave, for example). (April 13; Strand Releasing)

What Do Critics Think?  "Here" has a C+ average on its Criticwire page.