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by Paula Bernstein
January 23, 2014 1:58 PM
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'The Crash Reel' Releases BitTorrent Bundle with Exclusive Content

Less than a month after BitTorrent released a BitTorrent Bundle for the Academy Award-nominated documentary "The Act of Killing" comes news of a new BitTorrent Bundle in support of "The Crash Reel," the documentary by Oscar-nominated director Lucy Walker.

"The Crash Reel" tells the story of champion snowboarder Kevin Pearce and his incredible recovery from a severe brain injury.

In partnership with Phase4 Films and PictureMotion, BitTorrent will release never before seen footage from "The Crash Reel" in the new BitTorrent Bundle, including features videos of Kevin Pearce, deleted scenes, alternate endings, trailers, and four movie posters. Fans can also unlock an exclusive Burton film from 1987, as well as the Sundance filmmaker Q&A.

"This is a comeback story with a difference. Our goal is to make one. Each Bundle includes social media stickers you can download and post to raise awareness of Traumatic Brain Injury. And each Bundle includes a link to the Helmet Pledge: a promise to board and ski protected, in Kevin’s name. Support this awesome film, and this awesome cause," wrote BitTorrent on its blog. You can watch "The Crash Reel" on iTunes.

"Kevin Pearce has a truly inspiring story that needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Our goal is to empower individuals to follow Kevin’s example of self-acceptance and believe in your own ability to succeed no matter what life throws at you. Our BitTorrent Bundle allows us to reach a global audience, bringing them one step closer to Kevin, his friends and amazing family and be inspired," said Julian Cautherley, producer of "The Crash Reel."

Meanwhile, more than 3.5 million people have downloaded the documentary Bundle for "The Act of Killing" since its launch on December 31, 2013, BitTorrent announced.

BitTorrent Bundle was designed to support free speech and open creativity; using decentralized technology to protect digital artifacts from being destroyed or censored. Previous BitTorrent Bundles include the Madonna-directed "secretprojectrevolution," which launched "Art For Freedom," an online global initiative to support freedom of expression, and "The Lady Gaga Bundle."

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1 Comment

  • anon | January 23, 2014 2:12 PMReply

    a very big budget film, THE HOBBIT, backed by a huge global marketing push, was the most torrented movie of last year... in the calendar year 2013, it was downloaded 8.4 million times, BitTorrent is saying that in just three weeks, the supplements to a doc, distributed by a small distributor, has reached one third the total download count of THE HOBBIT ? how is that possible? it'd be great if this is true - THE ACT OF KILLING is amazing.