"Citizen Gangster" (April 27)

Scott Speedman ("The Strangers") gives a breakout turn as Edwin Boyd, Toronto's most famous postwar criminal, in this crime thriller inspired by true events, directed by first-time feature filmmaker Nathan Morlando. After returning from WWII, only to find the public indifferent to what he sacrified for his country, Boyd, in an act of desperation, starts robbing banks to provide for his children and wife Dorreen (Kelly Reilly). Predictably, things don't pan out for the burgeoning crime lord.

"Comic-Con: Episode IV - A Fan's Hope" (April 6)

In this love letter to all things comics, Morgan Spurlock, spurred by encouragement from Marvel mastermind Stan Lee, follows several fans on their annual summer pilgrimage to San Diego's Comic-Con event. Spurlock also makes time for interviews with Lee, Joss Whedon, Frank Miller and Matt Groening. "I'm not in one frame of this movie, so if you've hated every film I've made up till now, then you'll love 'Comic-Con: Episode IV - A Fan's Hope,'" Spurlock told Indiewire, prior to the film's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.