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by Nigel M Smith
June 1, 2012 10:00 AM
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The Top 10 Indies to Watch On VOD This June

Films playing on VOD this month.
Indiewire has weeded through the films hitting VOD this month to bring you 10 to look out for. Variety was key in selection, so you'll find a hot and steamy European romance, a documentary on folks who claim to experience no sexual attraction, Jane Fonda's latest vehicle, an offbeat sci-fi comedy and much more. Here are the ten films to watch on VOD this June in alphabetical order.

"A Burning Hot Summer" (June 29)

To get your summer off to a heated start, check out this French scorcher starring two of Europe's best-looking performers, Monica Belluci ("Irreversible") and Louis Garrel ("The Dreamers"), in a romance that's easy on the eyes. Directed by prolific filmmaker Philippe Garrel ("La frontiere de l'aube"), "A Burning Hot Summer" concerns a Paris-based artsy couple who venture off to Rome with two new friends, only to see their emotions shift with the change of scenery.

"(A)Sexual" (June 5)

A hit on the festival circuit, Angela Tucker's documentary "(A)Sexual" sheds a revealing light on the asexual community, one that claims to experience no sexual attraction. Tucker centers her film on David Jay, founder and webmaster of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, who proves to be an equally fascinating and divisive figure. No matter what your stance is on the subject, you'll be surprised by the stories Tucker weaves together in her entertaining and informative expose.

"A Bag of Hammers" (June 19)

A hit at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival, "A Bag of Hammers" from first-time director Brian Crano stars Jason Ritter ("The Event") and Jake Sandvid ("Easy A") as Ben and Lan, two slacker scam artists who befriend a neglected young boy next door. Things get hairy for duo when Alan's well meaning sister ("The Town" star Rebecca Hall) interferes by calling child services to check on the boy.

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  • Marc | June 12, 2012 4:42 PMReply

    Can't find Cook County.Can someone give me the site on which it's on?

  • Jazz | June 8, 2012 6:02 AMReply

    This movie has a very good social message everyone should see atleast one time.
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  • Jessica | June 8, 2012 6:00 AMReply

    Rebecca is looking very beautiful in Bag of hammers.

  • jingmei | June 3, 2012 2:25 AMReply

    Cool list thanks. Monica Belluci just made viewers horny in Un Ete Brulant though she's quite old. Under the struggling emotional surface in this film, Philippe Garrel actually always gets potential political subject matter, et he juste can direct his son Louis Garrel do anything in his films. Collaborator is a worthy film, Martin Donovan should deserve making more awesome stuff, though he's been envolved bunch of horror flicks recent years.

  • zag | June 1, 2012 9:03 PMReply

    Bad spell check on the column. No CHERYL Wright in country music!

  • Nigel Smith | June 2, 2012 9:53 AM

    Apologies! It's been fixed.

  • Bruce Spencer | June 1, 2012 6:54 PMReply

    Conspicuous by its absence is the hilarious comedy documentary, "Abel Raises Cain," by the first time filmmakers, Jennifer and Jeff Hockett. It won First Grand Prize at Slamdance in 2005 and again at the 2009 Fargo Film Fesival. Subsequently, after winning top awards in Canada, England, Denmark, Germany and France, this movie has demonstrated long legs by continually playing worldwide and receiving additional critical acclaim and thousands of adoring emails from fans. (www.abelraisescain.com)

  • willis reed | June 1, 2012 3:01 PMReply

    Nice list. Hope www.whenthegardenwaseden.com doc makes it next year!