(June 15)

"Timecrimes" director Nacho Vigalondo (what a name) is back with "Extraterrestrial," another loopy comedy with a sci-fi bent. The film opens with an industrial design student waking up in the apartment of his one-night stand Julia, only to discover an alien spaceship hovering high above their city. Don't let that set up fool you. Vigalondo isn't making his answer to "Independence Day." Think of this as "No Exit" for the sci-fi set.


"Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together" (June 1)

Love can sometimes suck, can't it? "Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together," an appealing lesbian romantic comedy tells a familiar story of two folks who are destined to be together, but let drama get in the way. When Jamie (Jacqui Jackson) tells her best friend Jessica (Jessica London-Shields) that she's moving from Chicago to New York to become an actress, Jessica gets upset because she harbors a secret crush on her buddy. As the moving day nears, Jessica acts out by dating a slew of other women, forcing Jamie to see her friend in a whole new light.

"Peace, Love and Misunderstanding" (June 15)

When not shutting it down on red carpets in Cannes with her age-defying figure, the legendary Jane Fonda still occasionally acts. Her latest (her first film since 2007's "Georgia Rule") finds the actress is comedy mode playing a free-spirited hippie mother to a high-strung Catherine Keener in a fun romp from two-time Academy Award nominee Bruce Beresford. Elizabeth Olsen ("Silent House"), Chace Crawford ("Gossipt Girl") and Kyle MacLachlan ("Blue Velvet") round out the stellar cast.

"Walk Away Renee"
(June 27)

It's been eight years since Jonathan Caouette's fascinating auto-biographical documentary "Tarnation," and now, finally, comes the long overdue follow-up to his award-winning sensation. In "Walk Away Renee," the filmmaker embarks on a road trip to move his mentally ill mother Renee (who you'll remember from "Tarnation") across the country. As they come up against roadblocks in the present, Caoutte flashes back to the past, offering up insight into their fractured mother/son relationship.