Thessaloniki Fest Sets 'New Horizons'

by indieWIRE

The International Thessaloniki Film Festival has announced its "New
Horizons" lineup featuring a significant slice of new international cinema.
Outside the main program, organizers built sidebars from the current
rejuvenation of French cinema, the bodies of work from several
internationally established filmmakers, and current American independents.
One program, titled "3 x 3" will showcase the films of French director Tony
Gatlif ("Les Princes", "The Crazy Stranger"), Iceland's Fridrik Thor
Fridriksson ("Children Of Nature", "Cold Fever"), and Errol Morris ("Gates Of Heaven", "Fast, Cheap And Out Of Control").

The festival is set to run November 21-30 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Main Programme:

"Bandits", Katja von Garnier, GERMANY/1997

"Bent", Sean Mathias, UK/1997

"Clandestins", Denis Chouinard and Nicolas Wadimoff,

"East Palace, West Palace" (Dong Gong, Xi Gong), Zhang Yuan, CHINA/FRANCE/1996

"Hana-Bi", Takeshi Kitano, JAPAN/1997

"Labyrinth Of Dreams" ("Yume No Ginga"), Sogo Ishii, JAPAN/1997

"Silvester Countdown", Oskar Roehler, GERMANY/1997

"Taste Of Cherries" ("Taam-e-Gilass"), Abbas Kiarostami, IRAN/FRANCE/1996

"The Traveller From The South" ("Mosafer-e Junoubi"), Parviz Shahbazi, IRAN/1996

"Under The Skin", Carine Adler, UK/1997

"Vertical Love" ("Amor Vertical"), Arturo Sotto Diaz, CUBA/1997

"The Witman Boys" ("Witman Fiuk"), Janos Szasz, HUNGARY/1997

U.S. Independents - "Night Shadows"

"Boogie Nights", Paul Thomas Anderson, 1997

"Habit", Larry Fessenden, 1996

"Little Shots Of Happiness", Todd Verow, 1997

"Mirror, Mirror", Baillie Walsh, 1996

"Sick: The Life And Death Of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist", Kirby Dick, 1996

"Unmade Beds", Nicholas Barker, USA/UK/France (documentary)

"Work", Rachel Reichman, 1996

"Year Of The Horse", Jim Jarmusch, 1997

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