In addition to the dreamy mood, wonderful performances and bold direction, a major highlight of Gia Coppola's "Palo Alto" is Devonté Hynes' and Robert Schwatzman's (Jason's bro) beautiful soundtrack. Things clearly worked out behind-the-scenes because Coppola has once again teamed up with Hynes, whose stage moniker is Blood Orange, to release a music video for his dance track "You're Not Good Enough," which also appears on the film's soundtrack. 

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The video, which borrows it's staticky and undersaturated look from 80s daytime television, is funky, fun and shows Hynes dancing and randomly holding a bouquet of flowers. It's all very exercise video-y and continues to prove why Coppola's an innovator to watch out for.  

Check out "You're Not Good Enough," which is part of Urban Outfitter's Video Music Series, in all its glory below. The song also appears on Blood Orange's album "Cupid Deluxe."