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TIFF Capsule Review: 'Disconnect'

By Boyd van Hoeij | Indiewire September 16, 2012 at 10:37PM

TIFF Capsule Review: 'Disconnect'
Henry-Alex Rubin’s the-Internet-can-be-a-dangerous-place-drama “Disconnect” is not only already dated but also about as subtle as a sledgehammer, despite some strong performances. The weakness of this fiction feature debut of documentary filmmaker Rubin ("Murderball") is the screenplay by relative newcomer Andrew Stern, which cuts between different stories that are all, for a lack of a better word, connected, "Crash"-style, and which treats being subtle as some kind of infectious disease that needs to be stamped out violently. As a director of actors, Rubin fares much better, eliciting solid and even a couple of great performances from a high-profile cast that includes Paula Patton, Jason Bateman (best in show), Andrea Riseborough, Frank Grillo, Alexander Skarsgard and even fashion designer-turned-cinematic-baddie Marc Jacobs. Criticwire grade: D+ [Boyd van Hoeij]

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