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TIFF Capsule Review: 'Here Comes the Devil'

By Boyd van Hoeij | Indiewire September 16, 2012 at 10:39PM

TIFF Capsule Review: 'Here Comes the Devil'
Forget about the penumbral lesbian sex scene at the beginning of “Here Comes the Devil” and instead focus on the intriguing if somewhat hokily developed story of a young Mexican couple (also into sex, a lot of sex), whose two children go missing near a cave in Tijuana. This isn’t a missing-persons, film however, as they turn up, apparently safe and sound, pretty soon. What follows is an increasingly tense narrative in which it becomes clear that daughter Sara (Michele Garcia) and her sibling, little Adolfo (Alan Martinez), were perhaps more impacted than it at first appears. Another feature from the prolific, Spanish-born, Latin-America based director Adrían García Bogliano (“The Cursed,” “Cold Sweat”), this seems to have been developed in something of a hurry, with the acting occasionally rough in patches. Nonetheless, the central conceit’s pretty strong and Bogliano strikes a nice balance between realism and the supernatural. Criticwire grade: C+ [Boyd van Hoeij]

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