Jodorowsky's Dune

The Toronto International Film Festival last week began its annual series of program announcements that will eventually culminate in 250+ of the most anticipated films of the year screening in Canada's largest city this September. Last week, the festival revealed a slew of narrative films that made the cut, including opening night WikiLeaks drama "The Fifth Estate," and today the festival has announced some of the documentaries making their world, North American and Canadian premieres at the festival.

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Among the standout docs making their world premieres: "Midway," the feature debut from Seattle based artist Chris Jordan, who documents albatrosses on Midway Island, 2,000 miles away from any continent. The almost wordless film is said to be visually striking and a standout because of the uniqueness of the author's voice. Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren's "The Dog" tracks the life of the real life bank robber behind "Dog Day Afternoon." The filmmakers spent ten years with the man to craft a fully realized portrait. And the recently acquired art documentary "Tim's Vermeer," directed by Teller, the famed magician of Penn & Teller fame, follows Tim Jenison, a Texas based inventor, as he attempts to solve how 17th century Dutch master Johannes Vermeer managed to paint photo-realistically 150 years before the invention of photography.

Making their North American premieres shortly after debuting in Venice are new docs from Frederick Wiseman ("At Berkeley") and Errol Morris ("The Unknown Known: the Life and Times of Donald Rumsfeld").

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Head to the next page for the full list of new announcements. Also of note, TIFF still has several more documentaries that it has yet to announce, primarily in the Mavericks section, due to be revealed on August 13.