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September 5, 2012 12:28 PM
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Toronto 2012 Buyers' Guide: Who's Selling the Hot Titles, and Who May Be Buying



Sales: Wide Management

“7 Boxes” (“7 Cajas”)

Sales: Shoreline Entertainment (worldwide)

“90 Minutes”

Sales: LevelK

“The Act of Killing”

Sales: Cinephil (Israel)


Sales: CAA (domestic); FilmNation (int’l)

“All That Matters Is Past”

Sales: Trust Nordisk (int’l)

“Arthur Newman”

Sales: CAA / UTA (domestic); Focus International (int’l)


Sales: CAA

“As If We Were Catching a Cobra”

Sales: Wide Management


Sales: Kinology


Sales: 6 Sales / Steven Raphael of Required Viewing


Sales: Trust Nordisk

“The Brass Teapot”

Sales: Gersh


Sales: CAA / WME (domestic); WestEnd Films (int’l)

“Call Girl”

Sales: Trust Nordisk

“Camille Rewinds”

Sales: Gaumont

“Camp 14: Total Control Zone”

Sales: German Films

“Casting By”

Sales: Submarine Entertainment (worldwide)

“Children of Sarajevo”

Sales: Pyramide International


Sales: Wide Management

“Crimes of Mike Recket”

Sales: Carkner

“The Dandelions”

Sales: Gaumont

“Dead Europe”

Sales: Wild Bunch

“The Deep”

Sales: WME (domestic); BAC Films (int’l)

“Detroit Unleaded”

Sales: ICM Partners (worldwide)

“Differently, Molussia”

Sales: Unifrance

“Do Not Disturb”

Sales: TF1 International


Sales: CAA (North America); Sierra/Affinity (int’l)

“Ernest & Celestine”

Sales: Studio Canal

“Everybody Has a Plan”

Sales: Fox International

“FBI: Frog Butthead Investigators”

Sales: Gaumont

“A Few Hours of Spring”

Sales: Rezo


Sales: Kafard Films

“Fight Like Soldiers”

Sales: Films Transit

“Frances Ha”

Sales: UTA

“Free Angela & All Political Prisoners”

Sales: Elle Driver

“Gangs of Wasseypur – Part One & Part Two”

Sales: Elle Driver

“Gebo and the Shadow”

Sales: Pyramide International

“Ginger & Rosa”

Sales: Cinetic Media

“Greetings From Tim Buckley”

Sales: CAA / Celluloid Dreams (domestic); Celluloid Dreams (int’l)


Sales: Preferred Content (domestic); The Exchange (int'l)

“A Hijacking”

Sales: Trust Nordisk

“How to Make Money Selling Drugs”

Sales: ICM Partners / Larry Kopeikin (worldwide)

“Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp”

Sales: UTA

“The Iceman”

Sales: Millennium Films / NuImage (worldwide)

“Ill Manors”

Sales: Bankside Films


Sales: UTA (domestic); Voltage Pictures (int’l)


Sales: Gersh (domestic); Myriad Pictures (int’l)

“Janeane From Des Moines”

Sales: Submarine Entertainment (North America)


Sales: HanWay Films


Sales: College Street Pictures

“A Lady in Paris”

Sales: Pyramide International

“The Last Supper”

Sales: Wild Bunch

“The Lebanese Rocket Society”

Sales: Urban Distribution International

“Lines of Wellington”

Sales: Alfama Films

“The Lords of Salem”

Sales: Submarine Entertainment / Automatik (domestic); IM Global (int’l)


Sales: Global Screen

"Mr. Pip"
“Me & You”

Sales: HanWay Films / ICM Partners (North America); HanWay Films (int’l)

“Midnight’s Children”

Sales: FilmNation (worldwide)

“Miss Lovely”

Sales: Cinetic Media (domestic); Fortissimo (int’l)

“Mr. Pip”

Sales: UTA (domestic) / Focus International (int’l)

“Much Ado About Nothing”

Sales: CAA

“Nights With Theodore”

Sales: Unifrance

“No One Lives”

Sales: Pathe International

“No Place on Earth”

Sales: Submarine Entertainment (North America); Global Screen (int’l)

“Once Upon a Time Was I, Veronica”

Sales: Urban Distribution International

“Only God Forgives”

Sales: Gaumont

“Our Little Differences”

Sales: German Films

“Out in the Dark”

Sales: m-appeal (worldwide)


Sales: Elle Driver

“Paris Countdown”

Sales: Gaumont


Sales: ICM Partners / SBS Productions (North America); SBS Productions / Wild Bunch (int’l)

“The Patience Stone”

Sales: Le Pacte


Sales: Gaumont


Sales: Elle Driver

“The Place Beyond the Pines”

Sales: CAA / WME (domestic); Sierra/Affinity (int’l)

“Porn in the Hood”

Sales: Gaumont


Sales: Gaumont


Sales: Paradigm

“The Reluctant Fundamentalist”

Sales: Cinetic Media

“Rhino Season”

Sales: Wild Bunch

“Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out”

Sales: Films Distribution

"Satellite Boy"

Sales: Celluloid Dreams

“Show Stopper: The Theatrical Life of Garth Drabinsky”

Sales: Melbar Entertainment Group

“Spring Breakers”

Sales: Annapurna / CAA / Ted Field (domestic); Kinology (int’l)

“State 194”

Sales: Submarine Entertainment (North America); Cinephil (int’l)


Sales: Paradigm

“Storm Surfers 3D”

Sales: XYZ Films (domestic); Arclight (int’l)

“The Suicide Shop”

Sales: Wild Bunch


Sales: Epic Pictures Group

“Thanks for Sharing”

Sales: UTA / WME (domestic); Voltage Pictures (int’l)

“Three Worlds”

Sales: Pyramide International

“To the Wonder”

Sales: CAA (domestic); FilmNation (int’l)


Sales: College Street Pictures

“Twice Born”

Sales: CAA (domestic); Wild Bunch (int’l)

“Two Mothers”

Sales: Gaumont


Sales: NBC Universal

“Venus and Serena”

Sales: Cinetic


Sales: Bankside Films

“What Maisie Knew”

Sales: WME

“White Elephant”

Sales: Wild Bunch


Sales: CAA (domestic); The Solution Entertainment Group (int’l)


Sales: ICM Partners (North America); Atlas Entertainment (int’l)


Sales: Wide Management


  • “Arthur Newman” w/CAA
  • “Frances Ha”
  • “Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp”
  • “Imogene”
  • “Mr. Pip”
  • “Thanks for Sharing” w/WME
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